Teachers’ union negotiates charge

       Negotiations look to be in the works regarding the unfair labor practice charge filed by the Terry Teachers Association, MEA-MFT against the Terry Public School of Trustees and Superintendent Charles Deisher.

A letter from the teachers’ union offering a proposal was received by board chairman Brian Morast just three weeks before the May 17 ULP hearing was set to begin. At a May 6 special school board meeting trustees accepted the proposal. The teachers’ union has yet to confirm an agreement to the proposal, according to Deisher, noting the ULP hearing will remain on the calendar until then.
The proposal reads, “The District and TTA agree to add the position of gym/weight room supervisor to the extra curricular schedule.” It goes on to say the position will offer $1,000. If more than one person is hired for the position, the money will be split between the supervisors. If both sides agree to the proposal the ULP charge will be dropped.

Published May 12, 2010

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