Program will help grasshopper control

  USDA has a cost-share program available to help ranchers treat grasshopper infestations this summer.  Shayne Galford from USDA is requesting information from ranchers that are worried about grasshopper populations this summer and may be interested in treatment.

The program will be a cost-share program in which USDA PPQ will fully fund treatments on federal land, PPQ will cost share 50 percent on state land (ranchers pay the other  50 percent) and PPQ will cost share 1/3 on private land (rancher is responsible for 2/3 plus a 16.15 percent admin fee).
According to Galford, in order for Montana ranchers to be considered for these projects he needs to have project proposals submitted to his office by May 27, ideally May 24.
If you are interested in learning more about the grasshopper treatment program, please contact the Prairie County Extension Office at 635-2121 or Shayne Galford at 657-6282.

Published May 19, 2010

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