Summer school offers fun, learning activities

By Lizzy Lacquement

  Although classes have ended at Terry Public Schools, the buildings are still abuzz with activity. That’s because the Terry Summer Program has jumped to a great start. 

From book writing to making movies, to creating unique flavored bubble gum and shooting rockets, summer school students are making the best out of each of their summer days. Summer school teachers like Linda Bruski, Joni Ler, Paula Rein, Carolyn May, and Tristy Schroeber will be leading classes. 
The teachers are not in this alone - aides Kristina and Natasha Fredrickson, Lizzy Lacquement, and Franque Robertson are there to provide assistance. Also Andy Henry, Deven Morrison, and Chantelle Follet are joining the crew. 
These helpers not only take students to recesses or meals, but occasionally their tasks can range from making up a batch of homemade face paint to running a craft station. 
The daily routine includes students coming to the Bolin building when the doors open at 8 a.m. They are greeted by two helpers and the warm aroma of breakfast. Pancakes, cereal, fruit, breakfast casserole, and sausage assure the kids get off to a great start. Afterwards children are lead by a helper to run off some energy during a brief recess before heading into the Grandey building’s classroom to begin the day’s activities.
After another morning recess and lots of learning, a delicious lunch is served before students are rushed off to another recess. From lunch recess until 4 p.m., students will experience some crazy knowledge-building activities.
Teachers pick themes that are carried out all week. Themes vary from different subjects like myth busters, science experience, gravity, reading, book writing, nature, and movie making. 
Summer school students enjoyed last week’s Kite Parade hosted by Prairie Unique’s Fun Fly at the Prairie County Airport. 
Future activities will include attending the library’s reading program in July and taking in swimming activities when the Terry Pool opens. 
For more information on Terry Public School’s Summer School program please call 635-5533.

Published June 16, 2010

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School Issues


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