Local photographer’s passion for badlands displayed at Center


By Kay Braddock

Anyone who has peeked into the office of Eddie Gaub quickly realizes the local accountant’s real passion lies far beyond calculations and tax forms. 
Poster sized photographs as well as standard snapshots and all sizes in-between, cover walls, shelves and the tops of filing cabinets lining the 82-year-old accountant’s office. 
His photos capture local scenic surroundings, including cloud formations, abandoned homesteads and wildflowers. But no other focal point fascinates the amateur photographer’s interest than the Terry Badlands.
“Every kind of formation is there,” Gaub said. “(It’s) quite a show.”
From what he refers to as “mushroom rocks” to flat-topped buttes and sandstone cliff walls, Gaub has snapped a shot of many of the badland’s natural configurations – likely at several different angles utilizing varying lighting.
It’s no wonder then that Gaub was chosen to be the first local featured in the “Artist of the Quarter” – a new event developed by Prairie County Council on Aging. 
About 25 of Gaub’s photographs were displayed June 16 at the Prairie Community Center. Over 40 people gathered for the afternoon showing. 
The Center plans to host an exhibit of local artist’s work each quarter. It’s a way to help promote the work of local artists and encourage folks to visit the Community Center, explained council member Joan Hubber.
Gaub’s interest in photography began in his early years while serving in the U.S. Army. 
“It was just something to do,” he said. “To record where I was at.” 
Capturing the sights of the Calypso Trail, located in the west end of the Bureau of Land Management’s Terry Badlands, is what inspired Gaub to pick up the hobby again about 10 years ago. 
He uses his photographs as a way to explain to visitors and locals what the trail has to offer.
Although his wife Dolly has accompanied him a few times on his photo ventures, he mostly travels alone. 
With his 35 mm film camera, 1983 Ford Bronco and a devoted motivation to catch another shot, Gaub has acquired a substantial collection of photographs of the Calypso Trail. But he says he plans to catch a few more.
“It’s a better hobby than hiking,” Gaub said. “Because age is catching up with me.

Published June 30, 2010

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