Mayor prepares to undergo trial treatment

 By Kay Braddock

As Terry Mayor Ron Kiosse prepares to undergo a six and a half week clinical trial treatment administered through Duke University’s brain tumor center he and wife Cindy remain optimistic. 
“I can’t believe how good I feel,” Ron shared last week, pointing to only slight headaches and minimal pain he’s experienced since the July 28 surgery he underwent to remove a walnut size tumor.
Ron’s positive attitude has reflected on his actions taken since then.
Two days after surgery Ron was released from the hospital. Within 24 hours he was addressing a crowd of Terry Yippee goers at Murn Park, commemorating Terry’s 100th birthday.
It was an address his doctor had initially recommended Ron plan on missing.
“I don’t think I’d have any trouble giving it, except I’m going to break down,” Ron recalled telling former Mayor Marvin Varner before addressing the crowd.  With the encouragement of Varner and others Ron presented the town’s 100th birthday remarks.
After discovering the tumor was cancerous and meeting health requirements Ron was one of the first three people to be given the okay to take part in the second phase of the trial treatment.
The first phase of treatment took place December 2009 through June 2010 and included 50 patients. A 90 percent positive response rate to that phase of the trial treatment has offered hope to current patients undergoing the treatment. 
“It’s real encouraging,” Ron said.
The couple spent three days visiting the medical team at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, in August. Ron and Cindy are now waiting to find out when the treatment will begin.
Ron’s treatment will be administered in Billings. It will include three drugs, only one of which is FDA approved, as well as radiation and chemotherapy. A strict regimen will be followed.
“It’s going to be a long road,” Cindy acknowledged. “It’s waiting for the next step that’s nerve racking.”
Two weeks after the trial treatment is completed MRI pictures will be taken and Ron will return to Duke for a review.
The support of family and friends has left the couple overwhelmed with gratitude. Support shown has included a donation of over 400 hours of vacation time to Ron by coworkers at the Pine Hills Correctional Facility in Miles City.
“I guess the worst part was the stress that was on the family,” Ron said. 
Ron’s progress can be followed by visiting

Published Sept. 1, 2010

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