Hitching a ride

By Kay Braddock

  Over 100 miles later this unfortunate hitchhiker is about to become unhitched. 

As 21-year-old Jarin Sloan of Miles City describes it, the unidentified couple of the white Nissan pickup hit and killed a deer outside of Wibaux early Sunday morning while traveling on I-94. Unsure of what to do with the attached deer, the couple continued on their journey until reaching the Town Pump gas station on Haynes Avenue in Miles City - just 106 miles later. Sloan, who stopped at the gas station before leaving for a trip to Denver with his family, couldn’t help but notice the unusual sight. After talking with the driver, Sloan and other family members took pictures and quickly posted them on a facebook account under the heading “weird sights to see as you’re leaving town”.  
“He was asking people at the gas station if they wanted the meat because they were vegetarians,” Sloan said.
Describing the man as very nice but nervous as to what to do with the deer, Sloan said he and others offered advice if another unfortunate occurrence of that kind were to happen again. The advice included pulling the deer off of the front end and throwing the carcass into the ditch or pulling over and calling the Montana Highway Patrol.
“He was kind of chuckling at himself because he just wasn’t sure what to do with it,” Sloan said.  
According to the Montana High Patrol dispatch, an off-duty police officer of the Miles City Police Department called in the incident. It was unclear who assisted with the removal of the carcass. 

October 6, 2010

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