What a showing ... Terriers are #1

By Casey Klasna       
Terry Schools Supt.

        All I can say is “WOW!” The Terry Terriers dominated the scene at the state volleyball tournament. What representation of our school and community. These young ladies deserved the title and they did it coming through the back door of the tournament bracket. 

Most teams after losing the first game would have not made it back all the way to the championship. In our case, our girls knew they would have to win both championships to come away with the title, and they did just that.   
The composure and poise that the Terriers demonstrated was something to be admired. I did get the opportunity and the privilege to watch the consolation and both championship games.  What a great example the Terry Terriers set through hustle, grit, dedication, teamwork, and respect.  When our girls got behind, they kept communication strong and did not fold.  
Not once did the Terriers weaken, complain, or make excuses. The atmosphere was unreal when the Terriers made the winning point. Seeing the expression on the girls’ and coaches’ face was priceless. The erupting of the stands will always stay in my mind as well as others. I am so proud of these girls and their coaches.  
I also want to express my sincere gratitude to Marvin Varner for driving the team to and from Bozeman. He was great as he got them there safe and sound. Also, a big thanks to Paula Rein as she was acting administrator. She did an outstanding job of organizing lodging, meals, snacks, etc, and when the coaches needed her, she was right there. I look forward to another exciting sports season as basketball starts on Nov. 22.  
Let’s continue the support and dedication to our school and community.  By the way, we are the 2010 Class C State Volleyball Champions! 

Published Nov. 17, 2010

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Guest Opinion


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