Terry co-hosts well attended wrestling tourney in Glendive

  Turn out for the first annual Terry/Glendive Folkstyle Invitational Tournament held at the Dawson County High School was outstanding.  There were approximately 310 wrestlers from eastern Montana who participated with wrestlers coming as far aways as Moose Jaw, Canada. 

Coaches stated that there were some outstanding wrestling matches with plenty of competition.  
Layne Lantis wrestled Flynn Stormer of Circle in a neck and neck match.  Although Lantis came up short of a victory the match definitely created some excitement among the spectators. 
Kobe Chaska was able to hang with a fellow competitor for the entire three rounds and only lost by a couple of points; something he hasn’t been able to do. Jackson Pies also had an outstanding day of wrestling by beating all of his opponents for a first place finish.
Next week the younger wrestlers will travel to Williston, which is the last tournament before Folkstyle State in Great Falls.  Lantis and Tyler Forcella will attend a Junior High Invitational in Lewistown with eight other Glendive wrestlers.  
40.3 #
Johnny Marmon 2nd
 53.9 #
T. J. Baita 3rd 
43.6 #
Owen Higgins 4th
 53.4 #
Kobe Chaska 2nd
52.2 #
Jacob Kinn 3rd
46.8 # 
Jackson Pies 1st
Brent Marmon 5th
Riley Forcella 2nd
51.6 #
Tristan Davis 4th
60.9 #
Corey Morris 6th
DeLaney Davis 4th
84.4 #
Justin Kinn 4th
96.8 #
Garrett Morris 5th
104.2 #
Tryston Seteren 3rd
87 #
Tyler Forcella 2nd
123 #
Layne Lantis 2nd 
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