Lady Terriers capture Class C state title

By Josh Samuelson
Yellowstone Newspapers

  1989 turned out to be a pretty good year for Terry High School volleyball. That year, the Lady Terriers won the state C volleyball crown, and current head coach Jasmine Freiboth was born.

Now, nearly 21 years later, Freiboth is in her fourth year as head coach of the Lady Terrier volleyball team, and once again, the Lady Terriers are state champions.
The Lady Terriers capped an amazing season that saw them enter the state tournament undefeated at 23-0, and they had a remarkable run through the tournament.
Terry did have to play through some adversity in the tournament, as they lost for the first time this season, a five-game defeat at the hands of Gardiner.
But that made their run to the state title that much better.
"It just shows that they have amazing character and heart," Freiboth said. "After that loss, the girls weren't focused on the loss. They were focused on beating them again, when we saw them again."
Terry opened the state tournament with a dominating sweep of Geraldine, winning 25-17, 25-16, 25-9.
That win put them into the quarterfinals against Gardiner. Terry won the first game 25-21, but then dropped the next two by identical 25-18 scores. In the fourth game, the Lady Terriers ran away with a 25-13 win and their unblemished season looked to be intact. But Gardiner rallied in the fifth game for a 15-12 win.
"We just focused on what we had to do when we saw them again," Freiboth said. "It wasn't a big deal that we lost; we knew we had a lot more volleyball to play and a long road to the championship."
That road was awfully long in the double-elimination tournament.
The Lady Terriers would need to win five matches, two on Friday and three on Saturday, in order to claim the Class C title.
That road started on Friday with a 25-21, 25-12, 25-18 sweep of Fort Benton. Then Terry had to face Eastern C foe Circle in the fourth-place match. The eastern Montana rivals played as if they had played many times before.
Circle jumped out to wins in the first two games, winning 26-24 and 25-14, and had the Lady Terriers on the brink of elimination. But Terry rallied. They won game three 25-10, game four 25-18 and hung on for a 15-12 win in the fifth game.
That win on Friday night set up a rematch for the Lady Terriers against Gardiner.
Facing the only team that had beaten them all year, the Lady Terriers were pretty fired up, and Gardiner never stood a chance.
Terry beat the Bruins 25-22, 25-14, 25-18 to avenge their earlier loss, but still had plenty of volleyball left to play.
The Lady Terriers still needed to beat unbeaten Ennis twice in order to claim the state championship. And it didn't come easily.
In the first championship game, Ennis won game one 25-19, but Terry rallied for wins in game two, 25-22, and game three, 25-19. Ennis battled back with a 25-20 win in game four, but the Lady Terriers extended their season with a 15-8 win in game five.
The Lady Terriers had 56 kills in the match, led by senior Dani Dukart with 31. Dukart also had eight blocks. Lindsay Stickel and Amanda Haidle each had 24 assists, while Haidle and Carly Stickle each had 11 digs.
In the final match of the season, Ennis won game one 25-18. Terry answered with a 25-20 win in game two, but Ennis won game three 25-14.
In game four, Terry won 25-20, and the girls clinched the state championship with a 15-12 win in game five.
"The girls were very excited," Freiboth said. "After they won, they were jumping around and couldn't believe it. It was well deserved - they really did deserve the win."
Dukart had another great match. She led the team with 27 kills, 18 digs and three blocks. Lindsay Stickel had 31 assists.
The state championship is the first for a Terry team since the 1989 volleyball state crown.
"It's very exciting," Freiboth said. "When I got to my cell phone, it was 87 percent full- the whole town was texting me. We're having a big celebration, with a community dinner, and the girls are going to ride the fire truck."
The win was amazing for the sheer amount of volleyball that the Lady Terriers played. They played seven matches and 29 games over the three-day tournament. On Saturday alone, the Lady Terriers played 13 games.
"They never acted tired," Freiboth said. "It was amazing. They looked tired after playing the two matches on Friday, and I was a little worried. But they never looked tired or worn out on Saturday. They knew they needed to keep an upbeat attitude to get through the two championship games."
The Lady Terriers were led by a core group of four seniors: Dani Dukart, Amanda Haidle, Carly Stickel and Franque Robertson.
"This has always been their goal," Freiboth said. "Me and the coaches talked about it, if they didn't win their junior year, they were going to win their senior year. It was a big goal for them from the beginning."
Juniors Ashley Morast, Amy Browning, Kensie Keller and Ashley Morast, sophomore Lindsay Stickel and freshman Lexie Schlosser, Alyssa Morast and Caty Morrison rounded out the Terry roster. Freiboth was assisted by Jody Haidle.
Terry def. Geraldine
25-17, 25-16, 25-9
Geraldine ˜ Aces: 1 (Kayla Wishman 1). Kills: 18 (Elaina Juedeman 5). Assists: 16 (Tayler Duvall 9). Blocks: 3 (Heather Wishman 2). Digs: 43
(Kayla Wishman 12).
Terry ˜ Aces: 2 (Stickel, Dukart). Kills: 39 (Dukart 18, Stickel 16). Assists: 35 (Stickel 19, Haidle 15). Blocks: 8 (S. Stickel 5, Dukart 3). Digs: 35 (Stickel 9).
Gardiner def. Terry
21-25, 25-18, 25-18, 13-25, 15-12
Terry ˜ Aces: 8 (Dukart 4). Kills: 56 (Dukart 24). Assists: 53 (Haidle 25, Stickel 26). Blocks: 4 (Dukart 3). Digs: 53 (Dukart 14).
Gardiner ˜ Aces: 11 (Eva Stone 4). Kills: 41 (Jackie Brennan 13). Assists: 40 (Alexis Perius 37). Blocks: 13 (Tori Hoeninghausen 4). Digs: 87 (Kelly Harbach 25).
Terry def. Fort Benton
25-21, 25-12, 25-18
Terry ˜ Kills: 43 (C. Stickel 16, Dukart 15). Assists: 39 (L. Stickel 21, Haidle 15). Aces: 3 (L. Stickel, Robertson, Browning 1). Digs: 39 (C. Stickel 13). Blocks: 4 (C. Stickel 3).
Fort Benton ˜ Kills: 30 (Kelsey Little 13). Assists: 25 (Nikki Ferradas 23). Aces: 0. Digs: 35 (Molly Bailey 7). Blocks: 10 (Miranda Evans 6).
Terry def. Circle
24-26, 14-25, 25-10, 25-18, 15-12
Circle ˜ Aces: 6 (Cassie Groh 2). Kills: 47 (Tina Van Horn 15). Assists: 39 (Allison Wittkopp 31). Blocks: 5 (Ali Fritz 3). Digs: 75 (Fritz 22).
Terry ˜ Aces: 6 (Dani Dukart 2, Robertson 2). Kills: 59 (Dukart 29). Assists: 57 (L. Stickel 29). Blocks: 7 (Dukart 5). Digs: 57 (C. Stickel 16).
Terry def. Gardiner
25-22, 25-14, 25-18
Gardiner ˜ Kills: 24 (Maddie Hoeninghausen 12). Assists: 24 (Alexis Perius 22). Digs: 46 (Perius 13). Blocks: 7 (Hoeninghausen 4). Aces: 4 (Jackie Brown 2).
Terry ˜ Kills: 33 (Carly Stickel 17). Assists: 31 (Amanda Haidle 17). Digs: 31 (Amy Browning 8, Lindsay Stickel 8). Blocks: 3 (Stickel 2). Aces: 12 (Dani Dukart 5).
Terry def. Ennis
19-25, 25-22, 25-19, 20-25, 15-8
(First Championship)
Ennis ˜ Kills: 44 (Mikayla Sullivan 22). Assists: 29 (Rachael Croy 19).
Digs: 37 (Tori Durham 12). Blocks: 22 (Sullivan 17). Aces: 18 (Croy 6).
Terry ˜ Kills: 56 (Dukart 31). Assists: 52 (L. Stickel 24, Haidle 24).
Digs: 52 (Haidle 11, C. Stickel 11). Blocks: 10 (Dukart 8). Aces: 3
(three with 1).
Terry def. Ennis
18-25, 25-20, 14-25, 25-20, 15-12
(Second Championship)
Ennis ˜ Kills: 57 (Dukart 27). Assists: 54 (L. Stickel 31). Digs: 56
(Dukart 18). Blocks: 4 (Dukart 3). Aces: 4 (Browning 2).
Terry ˜ Kills: 54 (MiKayla Sullivan 28). Assists: 28 (Rachael Croy 24).
Digs: 30 (Megan Barney 10). Blocks: 18 (Sullivan 9). Aces: 12 (Barney 4).
Published Nov. 17, 2010
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