Counting our blessings isn’t hard to do

By Kay Braddock

  It’s that time of year again - time to take a look back and consciously add up our blessings … naming them off one by one. Stepping back and recalling the past year’s headlining news, it really doesn’t take long to realize the multitude of reasons to be thankful.

Recent news items have included a Class C state win by our high school volleyball team, grants awarded to local groups dedicated to promoting the area and local businesses continuing their commitment to improve and highlight Terry’s unique existence. 
Other news items have featured the volunteer spirit that abundantly overflows within our community’s blessing treasury. They have included the American Legion Auxiliary gals dedicated to creating a worthy tribute to local veterans, teachers establishing the Close-up activity, which allows high school students to visit Washington D.C., and hospital groups devoting their efforts in enhancing our hospital’s surroundings. A mini Relay for Life benefiting cancer research was organized and held, plans for the free community Thanksgiving dinner are underway and the countless gifts and actions of many who anonymously gave have contributed to these charitable events and many more. 
Whether you offered a lending hand to your neighbor, donated to a student activity or simply extended a kind word to a stranger, your actions have given us all a reason to be thankful. Publically recorded or not, the blessings are tallied and the community is strengthened by the small and great actions of many. 

Published Nov. 24, 2010

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