MCC class presents Terry logo proposal

By Kay Braddock

         It’s about getting travelers to pull off Interstate 94 to visit Terry. 

That was the message three students of an advertising class at Miles Community College presented last week to a gathering of about 25 people. The students selected Terry as the focus of an assigned advertising campaign project, which included creating a logo, brochure and radio ad, along with offering suggestions to community leaders on how best to capture the traveling public.
According to the students, Terry’s biggest draw is the natural beauty that surrounds it. Coming up with the logo “Terry Montana Naturally Photogenic” was an easy fit for Terry, the students said, considering the acclaimed photographs of Lady Evelyn Cameron displayed at Terry’s Cameron Gallery and the surrounding beauty of the Terry Badlands.
“We wanted our brand to conform to those two things,” Shantel Lett, one of the three students, told the gathering, pointing to the Terry Badlands and the Cameron photographs.
Lett, along with Morgan Jacobsen and Shay Keller presented their promotional ideas and suggestions Friday afternoon at the community room of Stockman Bank. MCC instructor John Laney, who helped the students with their hour-long power-point presentation, said it’s often easy to overlook the obvious attractions.
“When you’re around something a great deal of time, you start to miss it,” Laney said.
The logo, which reads “Terry Montana Naturally Photogenic,” depicts a lifeless tree bordering the badlands. Inspired by a Kim Erickson photograph of the Terry Badlands, the logo is a freehand drawing by Keller.
Terry is a gateway community, rather than a destination, Lett said at the start of the presentation. Without a national park or amusement park, Terry will not likely be a destination, the students said. This doesn’t mean travelers can’t be enticed to stop in Terry along the way.
The 30-second radio ad was also played for the audience. “Define naturally photogenic,” the voiceover begins. “The majestic landscapes of the Terry Badlands, the breathtaking land bridges on the Calypso Trail, that’s naturally photogenic.”
The students also suggested advertising Terry in photography magazines.  
“I think this is really great myself,” Dale Galland, president of the Prairie County Chamber of Commerce said at the conclusion of the meeting. “We will take it on.”

Published Dec. 15, 2010


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