Hospital looks to fill nursing director post

By Kay Braddock

  Prairie Community Hospital is currently searching for a person to fill the hospital’s director of nursing position. The position, once held by Terry Chavez, who had been with the hospital for at least 4 years, became vacated mid-December, according to PCH administrator Parker Powell.

Powell declined to explain why the position had been vacated, citing the confidentiality of employee information. Powell noted the hospital’s care of residents and patients continues to be a top priority.
“I can ensure right now that we deliver good quality care here and will continue to,” Parker said.
Assistant Director of Nursing Kay Schaaf is serving as the interim director of nursing.
The open position is being advertised in several medical on-line publications as well as in surrounding community newspapers, including Sidney, Glendive and Miles City.
Several applications have already been received, according to Powell. There is no closing date on filling the position. A selection committee will be formed to help screen applications. 
“Once we feel we have a good pool of candidates then we’ll move on with the interview process,” Powell said.

Published Jan. 12, 2011

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