Wins continue as Lady Terriers prep for district tourney

By Lorna Wollman

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With the District 4-C tournament right around the corner, Feb. 16-19 in Miles City, the Lady Terriers are gearing up for tourney action, as they continue winning games in regular season. 
Games this past week were played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
Tuesday night was a match against the Savage Warriors. Pulling together their offense and defense the Terriers were able to shut down the Warriors and pull through with a win, scoring a total of 56 points. The final score was 56-39
Scoring for Terry: Lindsay Stickel 8, Carly Stickel 3, Kristina Fredrickson 1, Anna Fredrickson 5, Dani Dukart 15, Amy Browning 13, Amanda Haidle 11. Scoring for Savage: Mastuellen 2, Jepsen 2, Smith 9, Phillippi 6, Rice 20
Thursday the Terriers played Northern Cheyenne, out scoring the Northern Cheyenne team 55 to 19. Scoring for Terry: L. Stickel 6, C. Stickel 9, K. Fredrickson 3, A. Fredrickson 5, Morast 3, Dukart 5, Browning 16, Haidle 7, Robertson 1. Scoring for N. Cheyenne:  Rising Sun 5, Little Nest 6, Cunningham 6, Wolfname 2
Saturday night the Terriers took on the Ekalaka Bulldogs for a second time. With a tough defense, Ekalaka put up a good fight, but the Terriers took the game with a final score of 58-49.
Scoring for Terry: L Stickel 12, C. Stickel 7, K. Fredrickson 2, Keller 1, A. Fredrickson 4, Morast 2, Dukart 10, Browing 12, Haidle 6, Robertson 2. Scoring for Ekalaka: Nies 2, J.Dalzell 17, Hansen 1, Bruski 11, Guyer 7, C. Dalzell 11 
Saturday night the Terry JV also took on the  Ekalaka Bulldogs. They put up a tough match but weren’t able to shut down the Bulldog offense to get a win. The final score in Bulldogs favor was 27-50.
Scoring for Terry:  Lantis 3, Schlosser 7, Fredrickson 9, Morrison 1, Robertson 6. Scoring for Ekalaka: Ketchum 4, Reynolds 13, Guyer 15, Bruski 6, Fruit 14.
Three games are scheduled this week. Tuesday night the Terriers were on the road to Ekalaka. On Friday the JV girls team and the Boys Varsity travel to Rosebud. At Saturday night’s games, the Terriers will face off against the Jordan Mustangs. There will be four games: JV girls, JV Boys and Varsity girls and boys.

Published Feb. 9, 2011


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