Hospital foundation nears room upgrade goal

By Kay Braddock

  Less than a year after beginning the rooms’ upgrade project at the Prairie Community Hospital, the hospital foundation has raised nearly 70 percent of the needed funds to complete the renovation.

The PCH Foundation began the project in March of last year, which included three phases of remodeling the 12 resident rooms. Floors, doors and paint were just one phase of the ultimate goal in creating a cozy, home feeling for hospital residents. Phases two and three included purchasing new dressers and nightstands and constructing new closets for the nine double and three single occupancy rooms. Purchasing new beds for the rooms has also been added to the project.
The $84,000 already raised through community fundraising events and individual donations has allowed the foundation to completely finish two of the 12 rooms.
“It’s neat to think a community this size, in 10 months, can raise $84,000,” PCH Foundation ex officio member Parker Powell said. Powell, who serves as the hospital’s administrator, said the majority of the funds were raised through private donations.
A Mylo Hatzenbuhler show, held last spring, kicked off the fundraising effort for the project. A raffle for a riding lawn mower followed later that year. 
Another major fundraising event is in the works to take place this fall, according to PCH Foundation ex officio member Barb Rittal.
The non-profit group has already begun looking ahead to future project ideas. Among those include purchasing a Piccolo Lab Analyzer, which provides comprehensive blood analysis.  
“In using that piece of equipment we won’t have to be sending as much to Billings,” Rittal said.

Published February 16, 2011


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