Public hearings on roads begin

By Kay Braddock

  With 75 percent of the requested road easements signed by landowners and turned into the Prairie County Board of Commission declaring public access on those roads, county officials say they are now taking the process one step further. 

Public road hearings began this week, which is the first step to declaring roads public under the declaratory process. Landowners can comment on declaring those roads public at the hearing or within 30 days afterwards, before commissioners will likely declare the roads public. 
For the next nine months about six roads within the county will be addressed at each public hearing, according to road easement coordinator Gary Pfiefle.
Roads addressed at Tuesday’s public meeting had already received signed easements from landowners. As the process moves along, roads without signed easements will be addressed at the public hearings.
Notices before each meeting listing the roads to be addressed will be published in the Tribune. Letters are also being mailed out to landowners affected by roads addressed.
Prairie County has a total of 62 roads within its boundaries.

Published March 9, 2011
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