Spellers face off

Terry School Superintendent Casey Klasna presented Prairie County Spelling Bee winner Lane Stickel, at left, and runner-up Brady Strasheim with their trophies during Thursday afternoon’s contest.

 It ended in four short rounds.

Most of the 34 spelling participants competing at Prairie County’s annual Spelling Bee last week were eliminated during the first round. Spellers were given a practice round before the official competition began.
By round two, only five spellers remained standing. They were: Fifth grader Melissa Lacquement, sixth grader Jason Loomis, seventh grader Lane Stickel and eighth graders Tyrel Huseby and Brady Strasheim. 
Rounds three and four found Stickel and Strasheim dueling it out with words like curmudgeon and papyrus. Stickel took the top prize with the correct spelling of jalapeno. 
       Along with a trophy and a Webster’s dictionary, Stickel qualifies to compete at the March 26 State Spelling Bee in Billings.

Published March 16, 2011

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