Duck hunt goes a foul

A close up of “Pick Pocket Duck” clearly shows rules were not followed in what was to be a friendly April 1st duck hunt.

By Kay Braddock

An April Fool’s joke that went dangerously awry left one stuffed duck dangling from the neon open sign of a downtown Terry business.
In his second attempt in honoring April Fool’s Day, Bob van der Valk, who was behind organizing last year’s exaggerated prairie dog statue and this year’s fabricated “All Odd Ducks Quack Here” duck hunt, found himself the object of an April Fool’s prank.
The duck hunt for the fictitious “Pick Pocket Duck” invited residents to take part in capturing the thieving duck, with one small stipulation – the duck was to be captured alive.  But the stuffed duck found hanging by a noose in front of a downtown Terry business, depicted anything but a living duck. 
Although van der Valk questioned the duck’s true identity, it was clear to all horrified residents passing by the gruesome sight, that this was indeed “Pick Pocket Duck”. The most incriminating evidence remained in the duck’s beak – a blood-stained dollar bill. 
“First of all this duck is an impostor since he or she does not match the Pick Pocket Duck picture posted along with the article in the Terry Tribune,” van der Valk stated Friday on the Terry Tribune Facebook site. “I will give special reward to anyone who can identify the miscreant who put up this distasteful display in front of a nice family restaurant in a friendly town like Terry, Montana.”
But the prank, as the duck hunt, was all done in good fun. And those passersby who ventured along the unsightly scene were ultimately rewarded with a chance to win stuffed ducks and other promotional items.

Published April 6, 2011 
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