Music students depart for state

 By Kay Braddock

        Terry High School music students who received a superior rating at the District Music Festival last month will be leaving Thursday to perform at the state competition in Billings.
         The State Music Festival is held May 6 - 7.

There are 10 events with 10 students involved that will be attending the state festival.  
“The adjudicators were really tough this year,” Terry music teacher JoDee Hess said in a written statement. “So the students really did a great job. They all performed the best that they had at this point and deserve to be very proud of their accomplishments.” 
For the first time in nearly 10 years, the Terry High School band received a superior rating from both adjudicators, including judging on sight reading, Hess noted.
“I am so excited that they made this accomplishment,” Hess said. “They have really worked hard this year on challenging music.”  
Those receiving superior ratings include:  Lindsay Stickel, Piano solo; Terry High School Choir; Terry High School Band; Sax Choir; Caty Morrison, Samantha Springer, Sax Duet; Springer and Stickel; Sax Duet; Courtney Ban and Amanda Haidle Vocal Duet; Courtney Ban, Solo; McKensie Keller, French Horn solo; Ashley Morast, Trumpet solo;  Samantha Springer, Alto Sax; Lindsay Stickel, Alto Sax. 
Those who received an excellent ratings at the district festival include: Alyssa Morast and Randee Shannon, Flute Duet; Mikayla Ridenhower and Samantha Springer, Sax Duet; Terry Vocal Trio; Ban/Stickel Vocal Duet; Samantha Springer, Solo; Breanna Cole and Samantha Springer Vocal Duet; Lindsay Stickel, Bari Sax; Randee Shannon, Flute; Alyssa Morast, Flute.

Published May 4, 2011

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