Road supervisor suggests possible solution to washout

        Using a hill neighboring the north side of the washout as backfill could save the county time and money, according to road supervisor Mark Trask, in its efforts to repair travel along the seven-mile dirt road. 

Although the mound of clay soil is not located within the Wilderness Study Area, which mandates the preservation of natural conditions, it is located on grounds managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Using its materials as backfill may require a lengthy review process.
The solution posed by Trask includes installing a drop tube near the east end of the washout with an underground drainage pipe leading east. An asphalt cylinder, with a 10-foot circumference, would top the grated tube allowing water to flow down and exit through the drainage pipe further east, away from the road. The gulch would be filled with neighboring gumbo soil, if possible, and topped with rocks to prevent eroding elements. A slope would be made on the east end of the washout, away from the road, and would also be topped with rocks.

Published May 11, 2011

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