Reflections shared on Class of 2011

 By Kay Braddock

Hardworking, organized and a go-get-‘em attitude – those were just a few of the descriptions shared by teachers describing Terry High School’s Class of 2011.
“They just get it done. It’s been real refreshing,” senior advisor Jody Haidle said, describing the class of 14 seniors.
Haidle, who has served as senior advisor for a number of years, said getting projects done, like painting the senior wall and finishing up on the senior banner and picture frame, were a breeze this year. The Class of 2011 completed those projects a couple of weeks ago.
“It’s just been a very ambitious class,” she said.
Julie Paschke, who has taught a number of the seniors in various classes including Desktop Publishing, which is mostly responsible for completing the school’s annual, described the class as “a group of well-rounded students.”
“If a page or pictures doesn't meet their expectations they will spend the extra time to fix it or mentor the first year students to help make the end product acceptable,” Paschke said in a written statement.
Their then-kindergarten teacher Barb Sackman, who now teaches the first grade class, described the 2011 class, which was then her third class of teaching, filled with bright, happy students.
Although the dynamics of the class have changed quite a bit since their first year, with only half of the 14 students still in place, Sackman said the class seems to have continued their positive work ethic. 
“They were very agreeable and lots of fun,” Sackman said.
Those who were in her class and are graduating Saturday include: Dani Dukart, Jerett Freiboth, Amanda Haidle, Shawnee Kirkpatrick, Tate Pehl, Trayton Schroeber and Carly Stickel.
She remembers a group of girls within the class that were very protective of fellow classmates and one particular boy who was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to tying his shoes.
Haidle said the class will be practicing their commencement exercises on Friday. And although she is proud of the students and excited for their future plans, having her youngest daughter among the 14 who are graduating, has made the occasion a little more emotional.
“I got teared up first hour, just talking about it,” she shared.

Published May 18, 2011


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