Terry woman celebrates 100th birthday

Elaine Roos poses with her three adult children. Pictured from left: Delores Cameron of Miles City, John Roos of Terry, and Patricia Dobrowski of Nevada.

By Kay Braddock

  In her characteristically dignified manner Elaine Roos graciously smiled and posed as a multitude of camera flashes flickered around her.  She was the center of attention and deservedly so, marking a milestone only few attain – a 100th birthday celebration.

When asked if she now understood how movie stars feel, her smile only broadened.
Family and friends gathered in the basement of the Sacred Heart Church in Terry on Mother’s Day to commemorate Elaine’s 100th birthday. 
Elaine officially turned 100 on May 9, just one day following the celebration. 
In honor of her mother, her eldest child Delores Cameron read a poem, “Grandma’s Apron”. Cameron shared that the poem brought back memories of her mother, who always found good uses for an apron. 
In part the poem reads, “When my little son falls down, And hurts himself at play, I use my handy apron, To wipe the tears away. When my daughter gets a cold (She gets a lot of those), I use my handy apron To wipe her little nose.”
Afterwards friends and family modeled various aprons, from the handmade kind and garage sale treasures to giveaways and gifts. The history of each apron was shared, with humorous comments interjected by a few. 
Elaine clearly enjoyed the show and the stories told.
“It was great. I had so many relatives that I didn’t know were coming and of course so many friends joined us,” Elaine shared in an interview following the party.
Her daughter Delores, who spearheaded the birthday celebration, along with the help of other family members, came up with the apron modeling idea. Although Elaine knew of the party, the particular details were left as a surprise.
“I was so curious with what she was going to do with all those aprons. I was just dying of curiosity,” Elaine said. “Of course, I didn’t ask her,” she added smiling.
Elaine’s health continues to remain strong. Although she quit driving about 10 years ago – a decision she made on her own – she is frequently seen walking along Terry’s sidewalks. 
“I don’t walk as much as I use to,” she shared. 
Living in a home on Logan Avenue, only a block from downtown Terry, has proven beneficial, she said, making it easier to walk downtown for groceries and other goods. Her home is also located a block west from church, another added convenience.
She continues to volunteer at the Prairie County Museum and attends church each Sunday.
What’s the secret to living a good, long life? 
“Smoking and drinking don’t do anything for you,” Elaine said in her typical matter-of-fact style. 
She also points to genetics. Elaine’s mother died just a few months before her 97th birthday, while her father lived to be 93. 
“Well, I just don’t take any credit for it,” Elaine concluded. “God has been so good to me and my family.” Adding, “And my good genes.”
And what about those aprons?  
Although her apron collection includes a couple that were given as gifts and are too good for daily use, she confided, “ I still use an apron.”

Published May 18, 2011


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