Terry wrestlers compete in Lewistown and Williston

It was another very competitive weekend for The Terry Wrestling Club. This was a weekend where the club split up with the two junior high wrestlers, Tyler Forcella and Layne Lantis attending an invitational tournament in Lewistown.  There were over 400 wrestlers from more than twenty different towns attending.  It was a bracket format with Forcella having fifteen total wrestlers in his bracket and Lantis with thirteen wrestlers in his.   
Both wrestlers ended up in the semi-final matches, but each came up short of a victory. In Forcella’s semi-final match he lost in overtime which knocked him out of the championship round.  Each wrestler won their next matches to place them in the third and fourth place round.  Lantis won his round and placed third while Forcella again came up short placing fourth. 
Although there were more team members now thirteen instead of just 10 they were still short weight groups to have a complete team.  But even with the missing weight groups the team placed fifth among the over twenty teams present.
The younger group traveled to Williston and had their share of victories.
 There were approximately 270 wrestlers and the Terry wrestlers did quite well.  Coaches Kyle Kinn and Jared Davis were pleased with the performance of all wrestlers especially Jacob Kinn, Kobe Chaska and Riley Forcella.  Each of these boys won all their matches and came home with first place trophies.   
Next week is AAU Folkstyle State in Great Falls.  A few of the Terry wrestlers will be attending.
43.5 Johnny Marmon 3rd
57 Tyler Baita 4th
48.4 Brent Marmon 5th
51.8 Jacob Kinn 1st
52.3 Jackson Pies 5th
53.8 Kobe Chaska 1st
57.8 Riley Forcella 1st
51.6 Tristan Davis 4th
82.5 DeLaney Davis 4th
81 Justin Kinn 4th

104 Tryston Seteren 3rd 

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