Family donates remaining private collection of Cameron photos

From Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc.

         In 2008 Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc. of Terry, Mont. acquired through the donation and contract for purchase a private collection of Evelyn Cameron photographs held by the Deppe family. In mid-April 2011 the Deppe family donated their remaining interest in the collection to Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc.

“We are humbled by the generosity of the Deppe family and honored that this treasure has been entrusted to Heritage Inc.,” said Glenda Ueland, Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc. chairperson. 
The process to find a permanent location for the photo collection in Terry was a long one, according to Steve Deppe, which began in 2004.
“Our aunt, Janet Williams, cherished Evelyn Cameron’s works and jealously guarded them for 50 years until she finally allowed Donna Lucy, author of Photographing Montana, to study them and share Evelyn’s magnificent work with the rest of the world.”
“Janet would be pleased that these photos will remain and be displayed in Terry where they are part of Prairie County’s history. With this donation it is our hope that Evelyn Cameron Heritage will now be able to focus on the remodeling of the former rialto Theatre, which will become the permanent home of Evelyn Cameron’s photos,” Deppe said.
Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc. is a not for profit 501 (c) 3 organization located in Terry, Montana. The Heritage mission began in 2005 with the goal of acquiring, preserving and displaying the photographic works of Evelyn Cameron. The desire is that Evelyn’s work be made available so all can share the wonder of her photography skills, the stories and history of the daily lives behind the photos. The remodeling of the former Rialto Theatre will now be the main focus of Heritage Inc. moving closer to the goal of an art and cultural center featuring the works of Evelyn Cameron.

Published June 8, 2011

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