Prairie County range tour will visit Fort Keogh June 30

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  The Prairie County Extension Office has teamed with a committee of livestock producers and the Prairie County Grazing District to plan a range tour planned especially for Prairie County producers at Fort Keogh on June 30th.  

The planning committee met with Fort Keogh scientists to form an agenda that is pertinent to the range and livestock needs of Prairie County producers.  Many times we think of research as complicated and not applicable to real life, but I think you will find that Fort Keogh has done a great job of doing research on issues that affect your operations everyday. Better yet, this research takes place right in our “backyard” where the climatic conditions are especially relevant to us in Prairie County, as opposed to research that occurs in the other areas of the nation. 
The tour will begin at Fort Keogh at 9:00 a.m.  Morning sessions featuring Dr. Mark Petersen, Dr. Matthew Rinalla, Dr. Greg Johnson, and Dr. Michael MacNeil will address Fort Keogh research, long-term results of re-vegetation after weed control, rangeland cattle fly control, and practical uses of SNP Chip Technology. The morning sessions will be followed by an on-site lunch sponsored by Stockman Bank of Miles City.  The afternoon will be spent in the field learning about Fort Keogh’s forage production and a demonstration of range monitoring techniques by Dr. Lance Vermeire. The tour is expected to conclude around 3:30 p.m. 
Two Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicator credits are available for those participating in the tour. For more information on the tour, please contact the Sharla Sackman at 635-2121 or Sandra Brown at 635-5381.

Published June 15, 2011

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