Swim season nears as pool prep work continues

Art Tyler applies a second coat to the west wall of the pool.

 By Kay Braddock

With this week’s temperatures heating up, anticipation for the swimming pool’s opening day is building. But swimmers will have to hang on to their swim trunks, suits and swim toys for at least another week, according to Town of Terry maintenance supervisor Art Tyler.
The Terry Swimming Pool won’t likely open in time for the 4th of July weekend, but is expected to open the first week of July, following the 4th. Town of Terry employees and this season’s lifeguards, along with the help of volunteers, have been working to finish up the prep work on the town pool, which has included applying a fresh coat of paint to the pool’s walls and floor.
The pool was last painted in 2008, according to Tyler. 
Work on the pool has included replacing old sealant with a new kind of sealant that has not yet been used on the pool.
A second coat of paint was applied to the pool walls on Monday. Once  applied to the walls and floor the paint will need to cure for seven days before water can be added. From there, ensuring the pool’s filter system is up and running correctly will be the next step. Filtering the pool’s water will take another day or two, Tyler said.
On Saturday volunteers including John and Emilia Pisk, Susan Tyler and Patricia Davis and children helped paint the pool.
Pool fees have yet to be announced, according to Town Clerk Lynn Strasheim. Dates for swimming lessons will also be announced at a later time.
This season’s lifeguards include: Jerett Freiboth, Natasha Fredrickson, Anna Fredrickson, Kristina Fredrickson, Lexie Schlosser, Sadie Kinn and Weston Luedtke.
Published June 29, 2011
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