Top 100 things to do in Terry, Montana

Visit the Scenic View Overlook north of Terry with its spectacular views of the Terry Badlands.

By Bob van der Valk

  1. Make your reservations early for activities on our web site.

2. Breathe deep and feel the change in pace ... you are now on "Terry Time".
3. Get a free “The Terry Badlands Wilderness Study Area and Calypso Trail” brochure.
4. Visit the Evelyn Cameron Gallery; then match pictures up with sights and places around Terry and Fallon.
5. Visit the Scenic View Overlook with its spectacular views of the Terry Badlands.
6. Enjoy our free downtown street concert at the end of Terry Yippee! Day every last Saturday of July.
7.  Hike the Calypso Trail and bring a picnic basket.
8.  Visit the 1907 Terry Community Presbyterian Church.
9.  Take time to browse the shops, stores and restaurants.
10. Follow the Historic Prairie Trail beginning at the Kempton Hotel.
11. Explore historical Indian camps north of Terry.
12. Drive at leisure to look for wildlife.
13. Visit the Prairie County Museum.
14. Play tennis and basketball on our outdoor courts.
15. Have your children enjoy the various play areas.
16.  Hunt for agates along the banks of the Yellowstone River.
17. Check out the Big Sky Backcountry Byway kiosk located at the 4 Corners Gas Station.
18. Check a book out at the Prairie County Library.
19. Pamper yourself with a great haircut or a permanent at Sassy Scissors.
20. Find out about the history of the Prairie County Cemetery at the museum.
21. Hike to the cemetery, which is steeped high in history and is the final resting place of Lady Evelyn Cameron.
22. Meet a buddy here or bring your own.
23. Take your children to fly kites and have barbecue in Murn Park.
24. Plan to attend the outstanding Prairie County Fair.
25. Attend the 4th of July Terry Roping Club Rodeo.
26. Try to recognize places from the rich history from the early Terry family pioneer days with the Prairie Historical Trail along the Yellowstone Trail.
27. Go fishing or tubing in the Yellowstone River.
28. People watch from a bench in downtown Terry.
29.  Watch sports on big screen T.V. at the Roy Rogers Tavern.
30. Take a stroll from Murn Park to downtown Terry.
31. Join us for our Veterans Day Parade.
32. Ask our friendly local ranchers about their many types of stock they grow.
33. Treat yourself to a sweater, coat, shawl, and scarf at the Sassy One Clothing Store.
34. Catch some of our garage sales.
35. Have a café latte or mocha at the Badlands Café and Scoop Shoppe.
36. Do some bird watching.
37. Pick wildflowers for your room or a friend.
38. Take lots of photos for memories of your Prairie County adventures.
39. Bicycle around town to really enjoy the scenery.
40. Visit the Prairie County Fairgrounds where many local events are scheduled throughout the year.
41. Bring your remote control trucks, cars and planes, to have races; and check out the fine selection of the same at the Prairie Unique.
42. Attend the Evelyn Cameron Gala held each year in the historic Rialto Theater.
43. Speak to a stranger and make an instant new friend.
44. Take your kids to the Prairie Unique for a new toy or souvenir.
45. Plan to visit Netzer Trustworthy Hardware Store stocked full of all kinds of merchandise.
46. Treat yourself to a locally produced Ranch Star Burger at the Badlands Café and Scoop Shoppe.
47. Order pizza at the Roy Rogers Saloon.
48. Have a hardy breakfast at the Dizzy Diner.
49. Write an article about your adventures and submit it to the Terry Tribune.
50. Take your kids for a scavenger hunt.
51. Buy local art.
52. Take your "Hunny" out for a romantic dinner.
53. Wave at the locals, we greet back to everyone, and we do mean everyone!
54. Attend the Christmas Light Parade in December.
55. Buy paints and a canvas to create your own art painting many of our old barns.
56. If you're very lucky, you might see a cattle drive.
57. Enjoy the menu selection at various restaurants.
58. Play baseball at the field near the high school.
59. Explain the sport of "spotting rabbits" to your kids.
60. Play volleyball at the Terry High School.
61. Get an ice cream cone and sit on a street bench and "people watch" on Logan Avenue.
62. Order a pizza to go and enjoy the sunset from the banks of the Yellowstone River.
63. Send postcards to family and friends telling them about being in Custer Country.
64. Find a skipping stone to see how many "skips" you can get.
65. When a local is doing some yard work, offer to lend a hand and make a new friend.
66. Attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting held the second Wednesday of each month. 
67. Swim to your heart’s content in our newly refurbished WPA Municipal Pool.
68. Fill’er up on gasoline or diesel at 4 Corners Gas Station and Convenience Store.
69. While there sit down at the table, have a cup of java and hear the locals tell tales.
70. Make a stop at the Prairie Community Hospital and visit with the residents.
71. Play pool at the Prairie Community Center located behind the museum.
72. Visit ancient Indian burial grounds.
73. Find Cahn’s Coulee where Big Nose George buried his stage coach robbery loot.
74. The MacLean Ranch was the site of a battle between General Miles and Sitting Bull.
75. General Terry’s camp was located where Powder and Yellowstone Rivers meet.
76. It is also the burial site of Pvt. William George, who died after the Battle of Little Bighorn. Another burial site is located west of the Powder River.
77. Names were carved in sandstone on Sheridan Butte by soldiers of General Miles.
78. The northern most headquarters of the old XIT ranch is on Frank Ban’s ranch.
79. Indian teepee rings can still be found.
80. Visit the Buffalo Jump on the Jim Smalis ranch.
81. Follow landmark signs along the old Lewis and Clark trail on Yellowstone through Terry.
82. Visit the Far West Steamer dock at the Powder River.
83. Visit the Cameron Ranch east of Fallon Flat.
84. Watch the smoke from the still burning abandoned coal mine north of Terry
85. Visit the Baker Battle site in northern Prairie County.
86. Visit the old Terry Train Depot on the museum complex.
87. Visit the site of old Opera House.
88. Visit the steam heated outhouse at the museum complex.
89. Visit the Terry Cowboy Band Stand in Murn Park.
90. Tour the Kempton Hotel and hear about Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok staying there.
91. Visit the old Courthouse on Garfield Avenue burned in a fire but still being lived in and used today.
92. Buy copy of the “Tracing Terry Trails” booklet that was written by Norm Clarke, a native of Terry now the Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip columnist.
93. Visit the Terry Tribune office and buy a paper or flip through the pages of archived Tribunes.
94. Old log homes and even a home built in the round can be found in Terry.
95. Visit the aptly named Buffalo Rapids in the Yellowstone River aptly.
96. Stop by the only steel cable car built over the Yellowstone River at the Haughian Ranch.
97. The old locomotive train bell hangs from the porch at the Haughian Ranch, which is near the 1938 Milwaukee Railroad train wreck in which 52 passengers died in the Custer Creek bridge collapse.
98. Visit the  site of the old Terry Bridge across the Yellowstone, north of Terry.
99. Check into the old Terry Township Jail.
100. Shoot targets and clay pigeons at the Prairie County Spotsman’s Association Range.
Now prepare to return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life with great memories of your visit to Terry, Montana and plan a return visit as soon as soon as possible.
Published Aug. 17, 2011

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