Park bathrooms closed due to vandalism

  Recent vandalism that occurred at a building housing the Murn Park bathrooms and storage room has led town officials to close the Murn Park bathrooms until next spring. 

  The incident occurred sometime between Friday evening and Tuesday morning, said maintenance supervisor, Art Tyler, who pointed out this isn’t the first time the women’s bathroom has been strewn with toilet paper.
  Keypad numbers were poked out of the keypad lock of the door leading to the Murn Park storage area, where maintenance equipment is kept. The room also houses the fire well, Tyler said. Tyler estimated the cost of replacing the keypad lock to be about $300.
“There’s no reason to do it,” Tyler said of the destruction. “So we’ll just lock them up until next year.”
Both the men’s and women’s bathrooms were previously expected to stay open through October.
The 24-foot-by-30-foot building was built next to the pool house in 2010, funded through federal stimulus money.

Published Sept. 21, 2011

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