Prairie County Museum among TIIP grant recipients

  The Department of Commerce recently announced the award of $500,000 from Commerce’s Tourism Infrastructure Investment Program (TIIP) for eight tourism facility improvement projects in Bozeman, Browning, Fort Belknap, Hamilton, Malta, Poplar, Red Lodge and Terry.

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Collection on display

Local historian and photographer Eddie Gaub stands in front
of his collection of photos on display at the Terry Tribune office.
The collection of a dozen 20-inch-by-30-inch photos of the Terry Badlands,
Calypso Trail and Yellowstone River are temporarily on display at the
202.5 Laundre St. location.

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Home lifting project attracts attention

From start to finish a house lifting project, that includes pouring a new
cement basement, generally takes two weeks, explained Wiley Crandall,
the owner of Out West Lifters. 

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Learning and doing random acts of kindness

About 35 students helped rake and bag leaves Wednesday afternoon at
this McDonald Ave., home. Pictured below: Fifth grader Wynter Fahrnow gives
a thumbs up sign as she and Kylah Holt and Rylee Klasna bag leaves.

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Fatal accident involving pedestrian along I-94 is under investigation

By Kay Hoffer

            Local officials are investigating a fatal accident that occurred last night within Dawson County about 19 miles east of Terry along I-94 where a pedestrian was hit by a semi tractor trailer.


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