Candidate helped couple save ranch

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Editor, the Tribune,

A little over a year ago, a brilliant lawyer helped secure the future of our family ranch.

Raphael Graybill, in his role as chief legal counsel for the governor, went to battle for private property rights and public access in front of the Montana Supreme Court when he challenged the Attorney General’s interpretation of the law regarding Habitat Montana easements. If he had lost against the AG’s flawed legal opinion, we could have lost our ranch.

Raph utilized his incredible intellect and deep understanding of the law to show the Supreme Court that the AG’s interpretation of the law was incorrect. Throughout it all, he never forgot that the case affected real people, and that motivated him to work even harder. Raph is a highly intelligent and gifted lawyer, and he has demonstrated that he is not afraid to take on the tough fights for the right reasons. So when he says that as Montana’s next Attorney General he will use the laws already in place to protect public education, shut out dark money and fight companies who victimize our citizens with unfair health care practices, he has the skill and courage to actually do it.

Raphael Graybill represents the integrity, intelligence and determination to make Montana’s laws work as intended for Montana’s citizens. If you want to place an informed and powerfully positive vote, please get to know this candidate. Our whole state loses if you don’t.

Kip and Adele Stenson