Prairie History

A page from Evelyn Cameron’s diary provided by the Prairie County Museum
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 1894

E & I accompanied by Drew rode to Terry. Salted down venison. Lovely morn. Afternoon cloudied over. S wind.

Arose 6:45. Chores without. Got breakfast ready by 8:45. - sour milk, eggs & soda pancakes, omelets, sausage, bacon, toast, coffee, boiled eggs for Alec. Drew came in just as we began, & he sat whilst we ate, & then in our room. I watered Nancy & fed her. Worked up sponge. Alec did the washing up. I saddled & bridled Nancy. Dressed in blue habit. Mr A’s presence behind her frightened Nancy & made her bolt out of the stable. Got on but she bolted down toward creek. Tried to stay her by voice-had to use the hackamore which she answers the best to. Passed Braleys on their way to Henrys. No mail, wash-out will delay trains for 3 or 4 days! All 3 home together. In 1:20. Lunch. Out & cut up antelope, salted them in tub, wash tub. Mr A looked on at the cutting up process, etc. Worked bread into loaves, emptied salt barrel into 100 # flour sacks.. Want to use barrel for smoking the venison in 3 or 4 days. Supper on. I went down meadow-drove the cow, calf up. Supper at 7:20- veal stew with rice, venison chops, boiled potatoes, stewed peaches, & custard. Washed up. Skinned 2 mice,- kangaroo & meadow. Baked 1/2 batch bread. WD. Bed XI. Heard our first geese of the season pass by, couldnt see.


Chores. Read afternoon. Biscuits baked morning. 9 eggs. Calm afternoon. Morning little wind & snow. Night 20* above; 34* above 10:20 am. Evening 6:15 28* above.

Arose 8:30! Milked. Fed heifers & 3 yearlings hay in shed. Snowing, sugary coating everywhere. In 10:20. Fried eggs, porridge & milk. Made batch rye, bran, & white, sour milk soda biscuits, turned out very good. Pot o’porridge, washed up. Cigarettes, read McClures. Gottlieb knocked to say he could not send the skins by express, the agent said box not strong enough, thanked him. He walked down. Out to chores 4:50. Hayed, fed 3 heifers & Taps ground feed. Milked. Tub of thistles got in. Warm evening. Skimmed 1st cream into old churn (crock) for churning. Wrote diary. Got in 6:20. Biscuits & hot milk supper. Read.